Air Conditioners are one of the most essential appliances in today’s world for a comfortable existence. As such, we always advise our customers to take steps to ensure that they are kept at optimum conditions so that they do not have to face problems during the most essential times. Of course, our long standing customers rely on us to get it up to running condition in case they do fail, but we would rather try that your AC did not stop working at all. As such, whether you wish to know how to care for your AC, or when they need to be repaired or serviced, we will provide you with a few basic guidelines to follow. 

The 3 Crucial Factors

It does not help if your AC breaks down on a day when the sun is out at its hottest. Of course, the fans may provide some amount of relief, but nothing beats the comfort of having Air Conditioners. As such, if you are considering getting a new AC or the important “repair or replace” question, there are 3 main factors to ponder on:

Know Your System Efficiency

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a very important thing to know in context to your home. It is a basic calculation method which tells you how well your home is equipped to handle power consumption. Calculate your SEER value by dividing the total cooling output during the summer by the total power consumed for the same. Simply put, if your AC is suddenly consuming much more power compared to the cooling power, there is obviously something very wrong with our SEER value.

Home Efficiency

Your power consumption might be okay, but what about your overall home? Simple overlooked things like duct leaks or poor insulation are the biggest culprits when it comes to extra spending. Consult a professional if you think your home is costing you more than you should. A simple repair job in these areas can save thousands of dollars a year.

Know What is Needed

Did you know that your AC load is measured by ton? 1 ton is defined as the cooling power of a ton of ice melting in a room. As such, around 2000 square feet of a house can be serviced by a 3 ton AC. Of course, there are a lot of external factors to consider in this aspect, including which side the house is facing. In general, you should not require more than a 4 ton machine. If you think that you are spending more than you should on cooling, you probably need professional opinion on your house.

When to Call Us?

While we advise you to give us a call once in a while for the regular maintenance on your AC, a more pressing concern arises in case of emergencies. Give us a call if your AC: 
  • Is making weird noises

  • Unable to keep your whole house cool

  • Shutting down

  • Blowing Hot Air

  • Not working as it should

No matter whether a repair job needs to be conducted or a complete replacement, you can rest assured that we will pass on the savings back to you. After all, your satisfaction ensures our success.