The Importance of Maintaining your Furnace

Winter in Norwalk can be very cold! As a home owner, make sure you’re ready for it each year by adhering to proper maintenance of the furnace and heating system. Heating and furnace maintenance with Triple A Home Services is the easiest and budget-friendly way to avoid being caught out in the cold.

Regardless of the system in place, we provide the best furnace and heating maintenance Norwalk, IA agreements with comprehensive services. Our team of professional HVAC technicians, strive to extend the life of your system while keeping it energy-efficient. Our regular maintenance services are flexible, allowing homeowners to choose what meets their needs and within their budgets. In short, you only pay for the services you need.

There’s a reason why home owners choose our furnace and heating maintenance services in Norwalk and the surrounding areas. We are a top rated contractor offering emergency services to our loyal customers. Call us today to learn more about how to make your heating system more energy efficient with our maintenance agreements.

Heating systems contribute to the high energy bills in our homes. This is evident in the number of homeowners shopping for new furnace and heating systems that are energy efficient to save money and cut down on energy bills. At Triple A Home Services, our team will help you spend your money wisely, by assisting you in the search for modern and energy efficient models.

Repair vs. Replace

When it comes to measuring the energy efficiency of a heating system, you must first understand which numbers affect the total cost of the system and the monthly energy use. Comparing different energy sources for your heating solution, the standard unit of measurement used is the annual fuel use efficient rating (AFUE). This is simply the ratio of the heat output of the furnace versus the energy it consumes.

For example, if the furnace and heating system features an 80% AFUE rating, it means that 80% of its energy consumption is transformed to heat output while the other 20% is the energy lost through heat loss or other inefficiencies. According to federal regulations, manufacturers are required to add the efficiency indicator on every system.

Although Energy Star-certified heating systems can be expensive compared to their non-labelled counterparts, they are more energy efficient, saving you from the high utility bills every month. When our technicians recommend filters should be changed regularly, they mean it. A dirty filter means your system is forced to work hard and thus consuming more energy.  The harder a system has to work, the shorter the life-span.

At Triple A Home Services, we understand you want your system to run seamlessly, especially when the cold weather sets in. We recommend scheduling the maintenance before winter sets in. Our Furnace and heating maintenance Norwalk, IA experts, are likely to be busier during winter, and you do not want to spend several hours in the cold waiting for them to get to you. You want your home to be warm and comfortable throughout the winter.

We offer a vast range of home furnace and heating maintenance services to fit our customers comfort expectation and budget.

Offering the best furnace and heating maintenance services, our customers can enjoy using their system for years to come. We know your furnace is an integral part of your home, which is why we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We value the need for a comfortable home for you and your family. For more information on our services, call us today for round the clock services.