The Importance of Maintaining your Furnace

When you think about something like fall maintenance on your heating system, you probably think that this is something that you can avoid doing in order to save money. Just because you can save some money upfront that does not mean it is a wise idea. It is actually crucial to keep up to date maintaining your heating and air conditioning system, especially around the fall time.

It is crucial to have your system inspected and maintained every year by a technician that is qualified for the task. One reason this is so important is because it is part of the warranty contract that you probably did not read when you bought your home or the new system for your home. If your heating system is not maintained, any preventable damage that may have occurred would not be covered by your warranty. This forces you to pay a fortune out of pocket to repair the damage. This would be something that you would not have to do if you had your system inspected and maintained every year.

Part of this process includes a tune-up on your furnace system. This could easily be one of the more important parts of this process and it does vary from company to company. One important part of the tune-up is where the vent is checked for blockages and leakages, including the outside spaces and all of the connections attached to the furnace and inside of it. They will inspect the heat exchanger to ensure there is no rust or corrosion and the same goes for all of the wiring. The professional will also inspect the burners to ensure that there is proper ignition, flame sense, and burner flame. Additionally, ensuring there are no cracks in the heat exchanger is critical to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.  The filters will be checked though this is something that needs to be done more than just once a year. The fresh air intake grills and other parts must be checked for any blockages. There should be an amp-draw test conducted on what is known as the blower motor. Once this is complete, the professional will compare it with what the heating system requirements have listed. These are just some of the things that may be checked during a tune-up.  Now you may be thinking, “I don’t have a gas furnace, so I don’t need any of this”, but you’d be mistaken.  It’s just as important to have your heat pump or air handler checked out as well, proper operation is important to maintain consistent temperature.

As a homeowner, you may be wondering if this is a simple task that you are able to handle on your own for a lot cheaper than a trained professional. While it is possible to handle some of these basic tasks on your own, or some more major ones if you are knowledgeable with the process, it is much safer to go with a professional on this. It is well worth the small investment to have your entire system looked at by a professional because they can do a lot more than just the average homeowner. Remember to get your home’s heating system checked out every fall, and don’t forget to check out our current specials, as we may be able to help save you some money there as well!

Repair Above Replacement

At Triple A Home Services, we believe that whenever a system can be repaired, it should not be replaced. That is why we train our engineers to put their first priority in fixing your old system. We never recommend on replacing an old system unless it is absolutely essential. That is the reason we ask you to keep up with the regular maintenance.

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