The Importance of maintaining your air conditioner

Air conditioners being thought of as a luxury item, is quickly becoming a thing of the past, I think most of us can agree they’re more of a necessity! Can you imagine a super-hot summer without an air conditioning unit? Well, honestly, I don’t even want to think about that, we’ve gotten used to the comfort of central air conditioning and I don’t want to give that up! To have your unit running perfectly all Summer though, you need to maintain it regularly to ensure all mechanical parts are in working order, and there are no refrigerant leaks that could cause your system to freeze up on the first day that reaches 95 degrees. Preventative maintenance is very important for your AC unit, as this reduces excess energy use since, that harder your system has to work to keep up, the more your utility bill will increase.  It is also important because dust and dirt will stick to your unit over time, increasing the chance of failure. Preventative maintenance will also help you save money on possible repairs before they turn into complete system failures.

 Air conditioner maintenance

Most home equipment requires periodic maintenance to keep them running as they should on a daily basis, depending on how often you tend to use them. Your air conditioner’s maintenance is not much different, it requires proper servicing at least once a year. Think of it like changing the oil in your car, every three thousand miles, you service it to make sure it doesn’t die on you.  You wouldn’t neglect your car, so why neglect your HVAC system?  Which, by the way, works harder and longer than your vehicles do each and every day!

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One of the worst things that you or anyone could do with an air conditioning system, is try to actually repair it yourself. These appliances are quite technical and require some form of professional care to be properly restored or fixed if something is wrong with them. If you should run into issues with your air conditioning system do not try to play technician, even if you think you are capable, and try to cut costs by fixing it yourself…you just might cause more problems. Instead, reach out to the team at Triple A Home Services, who is always ready and willing to swing by and provide you with professional help to have your system restored to perfect health.