As fall moves towards winter this year, it’s the perfect time to have some seasonal maintenance done on your furnace. Having your furnace maintained is vitally important to your utility bills, and maybe even to your life. Your gas furnace is the biggest combustion appliance in your home and regular service is important to keeping it running cleanly. Dirty, poorly maintained furnaces contribute to poor indoor air quality and higher heating bills.

A key part of the inspection will be double checking the combustion system of your furnace.  This will include things like doing a Carbon Monoxide leak assessment (there should be none), inspect all gas connections for potential leaks, measure flue gasses and ensure that they are in line with the system specifications, check gas pressure and burner combustion. If any of these things are outside of the system limits, then that could indicate a problem with your system that would reduce efficiency and be costing you money on your utility bills. If a technician determines that any of these things are not within manufacturer’s limits more extensive testing and or repair may be necessary, but identifying these early is the key to saving money on expensive emergency repair and ensuring that it can be repaired in a timely manner.

Furnaces have many different types of wiring and internal connections and due to the higher humidity levels in the climates where furnaces are used. This means that they are susceptible to corrosion on their wiring. Part of a seasonal maintenance is double checking that all of the furnace’s connections are clean and in good repair. Failure at any one of the many connections in the furnace could lead to a cold awakening on a chilly winter morning.

All furnaces have internal fans and bearings that over time need to be re-lubricated and balanced. Just like bearings and fans in a car, these need to be inspected and maintained periodically in order to ensure that they don’t fail catastrophically. In order to operate properly, those bearings need to be lubricated regularly and inspected for even wear. If the inspection determines that the bearings are wearing unevenly, the unit needs to be checked to ensure that is sitting level. Over time furnaces can shift or be bumped into and no longer be sitting level. When a furnace is no longer sitting level, this puts uneven wear on the moving components inside the furnace, much like uneven wear on a car’s tires when the car is out of alignment. However, since these components are inside of the furnace, it’s not easy to see when these parts are wearing unevenly.  Periodic inspection is the key to identifying these issues before they become major problems and cause expensive emergency repairs.

In short, one of the best things you can do to extend the life of your furnace, keep your home comfortable during the cold season, and make sure that your furnace is operating safely for your family is to have seasonal maintenance performed on your furnace. Seasonal maintenance often will pay for itself in lower utility bills and emergency repairs calls that you won’t have to make.  Call us to schedule your seasonal preventative maintenance today!  (515) 868-2779